Hilleman Labs to partner future vaccine manufacturing hub


NEW DELHI: Hilleman Laboratories, a joint- venture between pharma major MSD and Wellcome Trust, today said it has partnered a new future vaccine manufacturing hub led by Imperial College, London. 

UK Department for Health has granted GBP 10 million funding for the hub that will be managed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), it said in a statement. 

The hub has been established to increase immunisation coverage across the globe and improve the response to disease outbreaks through the rapid and cost-effective deployment of vaccines, it added. 

"As a partner in manufacturing research projects, we are truly hoping that the new vaccine manufacturing hub will increase immunisation coverage around the globe and respond to disease outbreaks with safe and cost-effective vaccines," Hilleman Labs CEO Davinder Gill said. 

It will allow Hilleman Laboratories to invest in innovation more effectively to explore high-quality vaccines and technologies, he added. 

"The hub will collaborate with the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturing Network on manufacturing projects in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Uganda and China," the company said.