India can become second largest market for robotic surgery: Vattikuti Foundation


With the aim of installing 200 more robots and reach over 20,000 robotic-assisted surgeries per year by 2020, US-based Vattikuti Foundation is set to make India the second largest market for robotic surgery in the world after the US, said the non-profit's top executive here. 

"India today has tremendous potential and much talent, across all domains especially in the medical field," Raj Vattikuti, Founder and President of Vattikuti Foundation -- non-profit promoting robotic surgeries  .. 

Thus, it can soon become the second largest robotic market in the world in terms of sale of robots as well as surgeries." 

He was speaking at the two-day bi-annual "Robotic Surgeons Council", organised by the foundation, which began here on Saturday. 

India currently has over 50 surgical robots and a pool of over 300 trained robotic surgeons and an estimated 700 robotic-assisted surgeries a month are conducted in the country. 

"In late 2011, we entered the Indian market with only eight to nine robots and with hardly any procedures. The market perceived the systems to be very expensive and surgeons felt that it can take a lot of effort for them to learn and master it," Vattikuti said.