Generic drugmaker NatcoN Pharma on Thursday said it has settled a patent litigation with Onyx Therapeutics in the US over its generic version of anti-cancer drug Carfilzomib (Kyprolis). Natco is a copycat drug maker known for oncology specialisation. 

Hyderabad-headquartered Natco said the patent litigation is pertaining to generic versions of 10mg, 30mg and 60mg of the drug, which raked $586 million in sales for Onyx in the US market last year. 

The Indian generic drug maker had partnered with Breckenridge Pharmaceutical for marketing its Carfilzomib injection in the US market. 

In a statement, Natco said the district court case was dismissed after the settlement agreement, wherein Natco and Breckenridge were granted a licence permitting the launch of their generic Carfilzomib “on a date that is held as confidential in 2027 or sooner, depending on certain occurrences”. 

Natco refused to divulge further details, saying the parties cannot comment on the terms of the settlement agreement. The Indian drugmaker said it believes that its 10mg abbreviated new drug application is sole first to file and could be eligible for 180-day marketing exclusivity under certain circumstances.