New chemotherapy delivery hits precise target


BENGALURU: An Indian scientist has claimed a breakthrough in reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy by creating a drug delivery system that will target only cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed. 

The patented system – contained in a whole-body device called Cellular Focused Resonance Nano-Permeabilisation or Cellforn – says Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, can deliver chemotherapeutic molecules directly to the cancer cells during chemotherapy. Dr Kumar, who has more than 30 inventio .. 

Chemotherapy is one of the best cancer treatment options but its side-effects are a separate battle patients are forced to fight. “The cargo is good, but the delivery is bad. That is where my team decided tointervene. Our work began in 2008,” Kumar said. 

Cellforn creates temporary nano pores that can receive drugs, allowing delivery to the cell membrane of the cancer tissue, identified with pre-treatment proton density evaluations. “All drugs contain hydrogen atoms that bond with ot .. 

Simultaneously, Cellforn creates temporary receptors or holes induced by fast radio bursts (FRB) that is timed and delivered to target lesions. Concentrations of target drugs... are delivered based on their molecular weight. 

“Almost the entire drug payload is delivered to the tumour, and minimal to the healthy tissue. Hence, there will be very little or no adverse side-effects,” he said.