Transasia Bio Medicals launches rapid detection kits for dengue and malaria


Mumbai: Mumbai-based Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. has introduced the ErbaQik range of rapids for Dengue and Malaria detection. The ErbaQik kits have been proven to have superior specificity (100%) and sensitivity (>92%) for all parameters of dengue and malaria, based on extensive evaluation studies at reputed NABL labs.

The kits have been launched across India including tier II, III and IV cities and are available at most government and private hospitals as well as diagnostic centers.

Malaria and Dengue diagnosis relies on clinical assessment and serological tests such as Rapid Diagnostic Tests and ELISAs. Rapids are preferred for initial screening because of their advantages such as faster reporting of results (less than 30 minutes compared to 120 mins taken by ELISAs), ease of use, limited resource allotment and affordability.

Y. S. Prabhakar, CEO, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. said, “The ErbaQik test kits are truly a ‘make in India’ initiative and we are proud to introduce these kits as the most reliable and affordable solutions for rapid detection of dengue and malaria.”

The Erba Qik range of rapids for dengue and malaria use two different sizes of gold particles to generate two visually distinct coloured bands for test and control. As a general rule, the colour of the gold nanoparticle solution changes with the change in the size of the particle, ranging from red to purple black with the increasing particle size.

Using a different size of the gold nanoparticle called as ‘Black Gold’ particle gives ErbaQik rapids a unique dual colour advantage (purple black Test band and red Control band) making them the only bi-colour detection immuno-chromatographic device.

Moreover, the larger size of the Black Gold particle provides a larger surface area for the reaction, thereby enhancing the sensitivity and the specificity of the test and reducing the incidence of false results.