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Pharmaceutical Raw Material
Product Name Product Details Posted Date Country View Details
cellulose acetade powder(c.a powder) we need regularly req of cellulose acetatde powder... 20/Jan/2012 India View
Methoxydibenzoylmethane & Octyltriazone We have a substantial requirement for methoxydiben... 18/Jan/2012 India View
Sodium Starch Glycolate 10 M. Ton of Sodium Starch Glycolate in each month... 14/Jan/2012 India View
Ibuprofen We require Ibuprofen 200. kgs. Thanks Crysta... 13/Jan/2012 India View
Levofloxacin We require Levofloxacin 150. kgs. Thanks Cry... 13/Jan/2012 India View
Amoxycilline Trihydrate IP Dear sir, We require Amoxycilline Trihydrate I... 13/Jan/2012 India View
TEICOPLANIN BP/EP CAS 61036-62-2 Dear Sir, Please give me a FOB basis price for ... 13/Jan/2012 India View
Esomeprazole, Ramipril, Atorvastatin, amoxicillin USP US FDA or Canadian Health DMF II in some Cases... 09/Jan/2012 Canada View
Josamycine Propionate Please quote CIF AIR BEIJING.... 06/Jan/2012 India View
Cyclohexasilaxane 16 kgs... 05/Jan/2012 India View
We require Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) 1. RABEPRAZOLE SODIUM============50 KG. 2. PANTOP... 26/Dec/2011 India View
BIPERIDEN INTERMEDIATES I need to biperiden intermediates cas no: 1. Cycl... 25/Dec/2011 Iran View
METHOXYMELONAL Our company need METHOXYMELONAL62439-41-2, so we w... 29/Nov/2011 China (PRC) View

Live Other Buy Offers
Pharmaceutical Raw Material
Subject / Product Name Details Posted Date Country View Details
Defoamer and other raw materials We are looking for defoamer and other raw meterial... 08/Jan/2012 Bangladesh View
Albendazole We are in market to buy 500kgs Albendazole for sto... 15/Dec/2011 India View
L-phenylalanine Please send me the quotation for 500 kg requiremnt... 10/Dec/2011 India View
bromohexine hcl 200 kgs - bromohexine hcl?... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Betamethasone 20 kgs betamethasone plain... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Cetrizine 200 kgs - Cetrizine di hcl.... 22/Nov/2011 India View
ferrous fumarate Please quote lowest possible price for 1 ton ferro... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Ambroxol Please quote lowest possible price for 200 kgs - A... 22/Nov/2011 India View
doxylamine succinate Please quote lowest possible price for -25 kgs - D... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Niacinamide - 500 kgs Please quote minimum price for 500 kgs niacinamide... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Dextromethorphan 50 kgs - DMR.Please quote minimum price?... 22/Nov/2011 India View
azithromycin 200 kgs - azithromycin?... 22/Nov/2011 India View
ferrous fumarate 500 kgs ferrous fumarate? minimum possible price... 22/Nov/2011 India View
Purified Talc BP, HPMC 15 cps, PEG 6000, Povidone K-30, Avicel PH 101 Purified Talc - 5000 kg HPMC 15 cps - 2000 kg PEG ... 20/Oct/2011 Bangladesh View
Iodine Regularly required Iodine of Chile/Japan origin. ... 17/Oct/2011 India View
Benzalkonium Chloride 80% We are interested to procure 1 MT of the subject m... 16/Oct/2011 India View
DI BASIC CALCIUM PHOSPHATE ANHYDROUS BP Dear Sir, Kindly quote your best price for abov... 28/Sep/2011 India View
lipoic acid please let me know the cost and availability of Li... 15/Sep/2011 India View
Soft gelatin We are looking for a company in India, which makes... 23/Aug/2011 United Kingdom View
Please quote your best price of 600kg Doxofylline. We are pleased to inform you that an our regular c... 12/Jul/2011 Pakistan View
Inquiry of Chloramphenicol Micronized Good Day to you. I have received a inquiry from my... 29/Jun/2011 Bangladesh View
Inquiry of Esomeprazole Magnesium Trihydrate Good day to you. I hope you are fine. I have one n... 25/Jun/2011 Bangladesh View
Pellets Can you send us your product list, Im interest in ... 26/May/2011 Costa Rica View
API's on regular basis Omeprazole, Albendazole,Azithromycin, Ranitidine H... 26/May/2011 Bangladesh View
this is testing. tsting. pls ignore.... 22/May/2011 Angola View
Zinc sulphate Heptahydrate (iP Grade) Dear Sir, We are christy commodities dept from ... 16/May/2011 India View
Sodium Dichloro Iso Cyanurate ( SDIC)60 % chlorine -10gms tablets We are looking for a source of SDIC with 60% chlor... 21/Apr/2011 India View
API enquiry Dear Sir, Kindly arrange to give me prices for ... 20/Apr/2011 India View
Closental 10% oral liquid,Ivermectin+clorsulan injuction& oral 100ml liquid closental 30ml,100ml,500ml ivertmectin+clorsulan i... 20/Apr/2011 India View
Methionine Looking for suppliers for the AM product (amino ac... 11/Apr/2011 India View
Stabilized Oxychloro Complex Dear Sir I am taking the privilege to introdu... 06/Apr/2011 Bangladesh View
Para Chloro Benzyl Cyanide 99.5%, Imidazole, Tri chloro acetophenone 99.5%, 2 Chloro Pyridine, 2 Chloro Ethanol Para Chloro Benzyl Cyanide 99.5%, Imidazole, Tri c... 31/Mar/2011 India View
Various Pharma Raw Materials - Urgent requirement AMIKACIN SULPHATE IP – 50kg, ASPARTAME IP - 50kg, ... 31/Mar/2011 India View
Potassium Iodide Dear Sirs/ Madam, We need Hi-Tech Pharmaceutic... 29/Mar/2011 India View
Cefuroxime Axetil March 24, 2011 Dear Sir / Madam Kindly quote... 24/Mar/2011 Pakistan View
salea agent in yemen --------------------------------------------------... 20/Mar/2011 Yemen View
Zinc sulphate monohydrate At present we have requirement:- 1) Zinc sulpha... 18/Mar/2011 India View
Potassium Iodide We require Potassium Iodide Tablet urgently please... 17/Mar/2011 Philippines View
list of items with prices Dear Sir / Madam We would like to inform you that... 10/Mar/2011 Pakistan View
requirment 200 kg asprin required... 09/Mar/2011 India View
cefuroxime tabs 500mg cefuroxime tabs 500mg in foil pack packing of 50s.... 08/Mar/2011 Philippines View
PROPOFOL Need PROPOFOL - Injections from a WHO GMP certifie... 08/Mar/2011 Nigeria View
isosorbide mononitrate tab We need good manufacturer for above mention produc... 08/Mar/2011 India View
Blister packing machine We need low cost/low production blister packing ma... 07/Mar/2011 India View
whey protein wpc 80%,whey isolate,casein,soy isolate,spirulina,... 07/Mar/2011 India View
Raw Material requirement Dear Sir, We require 50 kg Celecoxib please giv... 03/Mar/2011 India View
Bismuth Citrate USP We are pharmaceutical formulation company. We are ... 28/Feb/2011 India View
Strontium Ranelate 50 kgs of Strontium Ranelate along with the coa an... 23/Feb/2011 India View
Magnesium sulfate We have an inquiry for magnesium sulfate heptahydr... 23/Feb/2011 Jordan View
chloroquine phosphate raw material reqd. Qty - 1 MT. Please contact us ... 23/Feb/2011 India View
cefixime We are looking for Cefixime in sachets. Please con... 18/Feb/2011 Vietnam View
Philippine Distributor Dear Sir / Madam: We are a drug distributor in ... 10/Feb/2011 Philippines View
Rainitidine We reqt. to you kindly give the best rate of 50 kg... 09/Feb/2011 India View
Active Pharmaceutical Raw Materials for Bangladesh We are an Indenting agent keep bz contact with pha... 02/Feb/2011 Bangladesh View
quotation Dear sir we require quotation of following produc... 21/Jan/2011 India View
Need your business Co-Operation for Bangladesh Market We are dealing Pharma active Molecules in our loca... 07/Jan/2011 Bangladesh View
25 Kg Chloramphenicol Base We are an indenting. We want to represent you in ... 06/Jan/2011 Bangladesh View
Pharma Raw Mat Kind Attention: Export Dept. Dear Sir/Mada... 27/Dec/2010 Bangladesh View
L-GLUTAMI ACID RATE Dear Sir, we are from Vital therapeutics pvt ltd, ... 23/Dec/2010 India View
Laboratory Chemicals Vast range of Lab chemicals required for Tender Bi... 04/Dec/2010 Egypt View
Request for a quoatation Hello, we would like to request for a quotation on... 10/Nov/2010 Kenya View
quotation Dear Sir, As we are one of the well known ... 04/Nov/2010 Egypt View
quotation Dear Sir. We are importer and Distributor Compa... 02/Nov/2010 Morocco View
quotation DEAR Mr. or Ms. Please accept my most cordial gr... 01/Nov/2010 Nicaragua View
Activated Carbon Need special grade activated carbon... 27/Oct/2010 India View
sodium caseinat" ( "FOOD GRADE") I would like to find if I can buy from you &qu... 26/Oct/2010 Romania View
API supplies Dear Sir, Greetings from Royal Group Pakistan!! ... 19/Oct/2010 Uganda View
PHILIPPINES SUPPLIER Dear Sir, GREETINGS. I wish to inquire if you ... 17/Oct/2010 Philippines View
Mail from Mongolia Hello Dear My name is Taivanbat from Mongolia I... 12/Oct/2010 Mongolia View
non pariel seeds Dear Sir, We have a requirement for NP seeds US... 07/Oct/2010 India View
Russia If your company want to do business in Russia then... 30/Sep/2010 Russia View
we require this material for mfg of our some products can you please give us the minimum packing qty &am... 26/Sep/2010 India View
CHOLINE CITRATE Dear export manager, We are now looking for Cho... 22/Sep/2010 Indonesia View
TAMSULOSIN HCL SR Dear Sir We are a speciality prodcut sourcing org... 21/Sep/2010 Sri Lanka View
raw materials & formulation GOOD AFTERNOON MISTERS OUR COMPANY SID CO LTD LOC... 18/Sep/2010 Uzbekistan View
purchase inquary of tizanidine please quote us price&availbility of tizanidin... 16/Sep/2010 India View
Niflumic acid We are interested in Niflumic acid. If in your ran... 15/Sep/2010 India View
Product List Dear Sir, We are interested to marketing your pro... 28/Aug/2010 Bangladesh View
Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dear Sir, We are Third Party Contract Manufactu... 13/Aug/2010 India View
Pharma Raw Materials & Chemicals Dear Sirs We take this opportunity to introduce o... 10/Aug/2010 Bangladesh View
Pharma Raw Materials Dear Sirs We take this opportunity to introduce o... 08/Aug/2010 Bangladesh View
800 KG DIOSMIN ( Diosmin INN) We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the... 26/Jul/2010 Bangladesh View
Introduction - Drug intermediates - regards. Sir, WE are outsourcing service providers for all... 22/Jul/2010 India View
Buying offers of Paracetamol We like to get Paracetamol tabs. so please conta... 22/Jul/2010 Sri Lanka View
Fruitin Pls. quote price for 1000 bottles of Fruitin. What... 22/Jul/2010 India View
Propantheline Bromide Dear Sir, We want to find a supplier for Propa... 22/Jul/2010 Sri Lanka View
CIF Port of Klang, Malaysia, Propionic Acid 99 % Dear Sir or Madam: We are the leading Traders a... 21/Jul/2010 Pakistan View
PARAFORMALDEHYDE We need paraormaldehyde and eugenol pharmaceutica... 20/Jul/2010 Serbia View
req Dear concern, Could you send your list of product... 16/Jul/2010 Vietnam View
new1 Hello! I'm looking for a business partner who... 11/Jul/2010 Russia View
CYCLOBENZAPRINE Dear Sir, Please confirm if you have any among ... 09/Jul/2010 Pakistan View
quote dear sir/madam pls quote yr best price for mag. ... 01/Jul/2010 Kenya View
Product list We are a indenting house, like to promote and sale... 01/Jul/2010 Bangladesh View
Various items required urgently Dear sir, We require 500gm to 1 Kg of the foll... 01/Jul/2010 India View
diabetes please reply with product details an dprice - comp... 23/Jun/2010 South Africa View
IODINE We are an established Manufacturer of various chem... 23/Jun/2010 India View
Request for your product List We are the manufacturer of various pharmaceuticals... 29/May/2010 India View
Enquiry from Bangladesh Sir, I have been informed about pharmaceuticals R... 24/May/2010 Bangladesh View
product list please provide your product list... 16/May/2010 Bangladesh View
inquiry Dear Sir, I'm Rudy Jereza, VP operation of E... 26/Apr/2010 Philippines View
hello 05 april 2010 this is test message from mahendra... 05/Apr/2010 Angola View

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