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Ayurved/Herbal/Other Alternatives Medicines
Product Name Product Details Posted Date Country View Details
Herbal Extracts Acacia catechu,Acacia concinna,Acorus calamus,Adha... 18/Jan/2012 India View
TINGLOW TINGLOW-10 Tabs Tablets of biotin-10mg Helps to ... 20/Dec/2011 India View
Ocibest 10/Dec/2011 India View
Pure culture We use quality media for preparing pure culture in... 05/Dec/2011 India View
Mother Spawn Mother spawn is prepared from pure culture using s... 05/Dec/2011 India View
Milky Mushroom We supply milky mushroom in 200g packs to the mark... 24/Nov/2011 India View
Follic Grow Hair Oil Our Angel-Tuch Follic Grow Herbal Hair Oil is full... 19/Nov/2011 India View
Heel Crack Cure Cream A sure shot method to cure cracked heels. Wash fe... 19/Nov/2011 India View
Harry Gold Royale Oil (for men) Herbal Oil meant for penis enlargement.... 19/Nov/2011 India View
Herbal extracts Adhatoda vasica (Vasaka) Andrographis paniculata... 12/Nov/2011 India View
Nutraceuticals Protein Hydrolysate Calcium Caseinate Calcium Ca... 12/Nov/2011 India View
FACE PACK 50 gm Jar pack... 10/Nov/2011 India View
HAIR SHAMPOO 100 ml and 200 ml bottle packs... 10/Nov/2011 India View
FACE WASH 110 gm Tube pack.... 10/Nov/2011 India View
HAIR OIL 90 ml bottle pack... 10/Nov/2011 India View
STAMINEX PLUS Staminex Capsule: 30 Caps in HDPE bottle pack. ... 10/Nov/2011 India View
MULTI VITAMIN CAPSULE BetaCarotene as vitamin A 2500 IU Vitamin E 10 IU... 09/Nov/2011 India View
carctol Carctol® is a gift of timeless knowledge of Ayurve... 12/Oct/2011 India View
Beb Tone Syrup An Ideal Palatable Paediatric Tonic Keeps the ba... 10/Oct/2011 India View
Acacia Concinna Herb shikakai Part of herb; pod Ratio 20:1... 08/Oct/2011 India View
Multi Vitamin/mineral/Amino acid Candies & Toffees We can manufacture any desired or available functi... 21/Sep/2011 India View
HANDY ROLLER CODER • Spring-back Action marks in a single consistent ... 20/Sep/2011 India View
Tonic for infants Oldest product in the catogary.Time3 tested and st... 30/Aug/2011 India View
Homeopathic Dilution Dilutions offered by us are potentised medicines t... 30/Aug/2011 India View
special Chyvanparash special Chyvanparash... 30/Aug/2011 India View
MOXYCLUB 250 Composition Amoxycillin 250mg... 30/Aug/2011 India View
Herbal Tooth Powder We have Herbal Tooth Powder in our range of powder... 19/Aug/2011 India View
Herbal Fruit Salt Each 5 g of powder contains: Sodium Bicarbonate a... 06/Aug/2011 India View
GutGard GutGard TM is a standardized special deglycyrrhizi... 20/Jul/2011 India View
Kalmcold KALMCOLDTM is a clinically proven standardized phy... 20/Jul/2011 India View
Bacomind cognition enhancre BacoMind is a clinically proven (both in elderly a... 20/Jul/2011 India View
Aloe Dental Care Cream Unique new formula to naturally clean, whiten and ... 13/Jul/2011 India View
Kremoint Gripe Water Kremoint Gripe Water comes in 135 ml pck. Itsa Her... 07/Jul/2011 India View
dfthgvt nshf... 06/Jul/2011 India View
Phytochemical Reference standards 05/Jul/2011 India View
Abies webbiana leaf Our herbal extracts are meticulously prepared from... 18/Jun/2011 India View
Herbal Ingredients Acacia Catechu Extract Abutilon indicum extract ... 15/Jun/2011 India View
Curcumin ext 95% by HPLC Ready stock of Curcumin ext. 95% by HPLC at a comp... 09/Jun/2011 India View
GutGard GutGard™ is a novel flavonoid rich deglycyrrhizina... 09/Jun/2011 India View
BacoMind Bacomind is a clinically proven (both in elderly a... 09/Jun/2011 India View
KalmCold KALMCOLD is a clinically proven standardized phyto... 24/May/2011 India View
Zalim X Ruz Ruz acts in three ways as Protector, Healer and An... 19/May/2011 India View
multi vitamins ,multi minerlas and antioxidant formulations oval shape filmcoated tablet with Alu-Alu/ Blister... 13/May/2011 India View
Boswellia Serrata Boswellia Serrata is an Indian herb with a rich tr... 11/May/2011 India View
Babchi Oil The plant is commonly found in China and India in ... 11/May/2011 India View
Ashwagandha Dry Ext. Ashwagandha also known as Withania somnifera , Win... 11/May/2011 India View
Kalonji Oil The oil of nigella sativa is so beneficial due to ... 11/May/2011 India View
HV WARTICON PILLS Helps to diminish warts and moles on the skin wher... 05/Apr/2011 India View
HV VITINIL PILLS Helps prohibit tinea vesicular, white spots on the... 05/Apr/2011 India View
HV TONSICON PILLS Enlarged / septic tonsils, painful swallowing, Cou... 05/Apr/2011 India View
Olive leaf extract We supply: Olive leaf extract (Olea europaea): ... 01/Apr/2011 China (PRC) View
Gingko biloba extract We supply: Gingko biloba extract: 1)Gingko bi... 01/Apr/2011 China (PRC) View
Herbal Cure for G I Disorders Herbal Cure for G I Disorders... 14/Mar/2011 India View
Antiflamatory Antiflamatory... 14/Mar/2011 India View
Shaktivardhak Churna We are eminent in formulation and retailing of Sha... 14/Mar/2011 India View
Yogini Churna Keeping the requirements of women in mind, we form... 14/Mar/2011 India View
Dry Chillies These chillies are free from any toxic or unadulte... 11/Mar/2011 India View
Tea Dust ( High Brown) Super strong tea dust is suitable for tea shops wi... 11/Mar/2011 India View
Isabgol Comp (loogm.) It prevents Indigestion 6 useful in constipation t... 11/Mar/2011 India View
Pudina Satva An antibacterial, anti fungal ft blood purifier. U... 11/Mar/2011 India View
Herbal cream for diminishing Scar marks,Pregnancy marks,under eye dark circles CREAM TO DIMINISH SCKIN SCAR MARKS,PREGNANCY MARKS... 07/Mar/2011 India View
KINGCOBRA capsules We manufacture 100% herbal capsules for stronger e... 28/Feb/2011 India View
Analgesic Anti inflammatory gel Useful in Joint pains, sprains, neck ache, back ac... 21/Feb/2011 India View
Stevia Stevia in various concentartion and various packin... 05/Feb/2011 India View
IMMUNIFLOR IMMUNIFLOR Protection Formula WEAK IMMUNE DEF... 07/Jan/2011 India View
NODOL Capsules, Liquid NO-DOL In capsules and Liquid THE COMPLETE GLUCO... 07/Jan/2011 India View
Hari Tulsi Kadha Hari Tulsi Kadha... 28/Dec/2010 India View
Herbal Formulation Manufacturing Herbal Formulation Manufacturing... 11/Dec/2010 India View
Fairness Cream Insto Fairness Cram is an excellent whitening crea... 07/Dec/2010 India View
Herbal Extracts - Ashwagandha ext. - Apamarg - Andographis Penic... 18/Nov/2010 India View
BALJIWAN GHUTTI Tonic for infants tested for 97 years.Oldest produ... 30/Oct/2010 India View
Herbal Sex Enhancement We offer Herbal Effective & Result Oriented "HERBA... 15/Oct/2010 India View
Herbal Naro(Vaginal Tightening) Our Product NARO (for vaginal tightening) contain ... 15/Oct/2010 India View
Herbal Breast Enhancemenet Our Herbal effective product GRAFIX (for natural b... 15/Oct/2010 India View
Herbal Penis Enlargement Here we provide Effective Herbal Treatment for Sho... 15/Oct/2010 India View
Herbal Breast Enhancment Our Herbal effective product GRAFIX (for natural b... 15/Oct/2010 India View
Fiberlax Our modern diet usually lacks in fibre content, si... 17/Sep/2010 India View
Bulgarian Tribulus Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb,that has bee... 17/Sep/2010 India View
herbal hair oil We offer herbal hair oil that is formulated partic... 08/Sep/2010 India View
Herbal hair color We supply an inexplicable range of herbal hair col... 07/Sep/2010 India View
Bleach Cream Our elaborate range of skin bleach cream is on hig... 07/Sep/2010 India View
Body Polishing Kit ACTION: A Specially formulated herbal Kit tighten ... 31/Aug/2010 India View
Blue Diamond Kit ACTION: A Specially formulated herbal kit enriched... 31/Aug/2010 India View
Boswellia Serata Boswellia Serata... 31/Aug/2010 India View
Asalia Asalia... 31/Aug/2010 India View
LAXO POWEDER Sugar Free & Super refined powder, First time eff... 24/Aug/2010 India View
ICEE SUSPENSION First Time Antacid in a Attractive Box Pack, 4 Fla... 24/Aug/2010 India View
curcumin 95% we offer curcumin 95% at compitable price @ 7500.0... 12/Aug/2010 India View
contract manufacturing contact us for third party manufacturing, private ... 12/Aug/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (50 Strips of 500 gm. - 10 gm Each) We offer the premium Psyllium Husk that is made fr... 10/Aug/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (50 Strips of 250 gm. - 5 gm Each) We offer the premium Psyllium Husk that is made fr... 10/Aug/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (500 gm.) We offer the premium Psyllium Husk that is made fr... 10/Aug/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (200 gm.) We offer the premium Psyllium Husk that is made fr... 10/Aug/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (5 gm.) We offer the premium Psyllium Husk that is made fr... 10/Aug/2010 India View
Herbal Extracts/Phytochemicals/Nutraceuticals we are having around various 300 Herbals Extracts/... 05/Aug/2010 India View
Nutritional Milk Powder. Forever Lite - Chocolate Chiffon, Vanilla Delight ... 04/Aug/2010 India View
Omega 3 Forever Arctic-Sea Combination of Omega 3 Fat... 04/Aug/2010 India View
Facial Kit - Aloe Vera Based Offering Aloe Vera based facial kit : - In toda... 04/Aug/2010 India View
Aloe Tooth Gel Forever Bright Tooth gel FLUORIDE FREE AND WI... 04/Aug/2010 India View
Aloe Vera Gels We are engaged in offering 4 major aloe vera drink... 04/Aug/2010 India View
HEALTH CARE KIT HEALTH CARE KIT - 1. Arthrohills Kit (Kit Cont... 30/Jul/2010 India View
HEALTH CARE KIT HEALTH CARE KIT - 1. Arthrohills Kit (Kit Cont... 30/Jul/2010 India View
HERBAL SUPPLEMENT FORMULA Herbal Supplement - Formula 1. Chologuardhills... 30/Jul/2010 India View
HERBAL SUPPLEMENT - SINGLE HERB Herbal Supplement - Single herb 1. Aloehills - ... 30/Jul/2010 India View
Green Food Supplement Green Food Supplement Herbal Hills is Cultivat... 30/Jul/2010 India View
Baldeepak - Natural infant tonic - Safe and natural as mother’s care - Improves a... 27/Jul/2010 India View
Sheltatone - Daily Health Tonic - Strngthens immune system - Rejuvenates tissues ... 27/Jul/2010 India View
Lemonade Barley Water - Refreshing Diuretic - Reduces weight of kidney stone by 60 to 80% - S... 27/Jul/2010 India View
Stonyl Tablet - For Kidney Stone & Gravets - Prevents reoccurrence of kidney stone - For kid... 27/Jul/2010 India View
Sherolax Tablets - Freedom from constipation - Easy to Administer - Detoxifying and cleansing ... 27/Jul/2010 India View
Safed Musli capsule(Naturest) Aphrodisiac-increased libido,increase in total spe... 23/Jul/2010 India View
BIOMENZ Anti-stress activity & erectile dysfunction, poor ... 23/Jul/2010 India View
VATHAPY CAPSULE 1.Removes obstruction to blood circulation 2.Impr... 21/Jul/2010 India View
HAIRICH OIL 1.Promotes growth of thicker, longer and healthier... 21/Jul/2010 India View
Curcumin Curcumin... 20/Jul/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) Psyllium Husk is widely used as food supplements i... 14/Jul/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) Psyllium Husk is widely used as food supplements i... 14/Jul/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) Psyllium Husk is widely used as food supplements i... 14/Jul/2010 India View
Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Husk Powder Psyllium Husk is widely used as food supplements i... 14/Jul/2010 India View
HERBAL TEA We offer herbal TEA for various users like herbal ... 12/Jul/2010 India View
HERBAL SOAPS We offer herbal glyserine soaps with extracts of... 12/Jul/2010 India View
SHI -X CAPSULES SHI -X CAPSULES (For Vigour vitality and stamina... 23/Jun/2010 India View
Agnee Supplement Capsule Agnee Supplement Capsule... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Olive Oil We are engaged in offering olive oil that is obtai... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Prince Gripe Water Gripe water is a natural liquid, which provides re... 22/Jun/2010 India View
COCOA SEED EXTRACT cocoa seed extract... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Amalaki Amalaki... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Aniseed Oil Our aniseed essential oil is extracted from the se... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Marble Touch Hair Removing Cream Marble Touch Hair Removing cream (with Aloe Vera) ... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Bello Face Pack Bello Face Pack... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Ayurvedic Products Anti-ageing products - Oily acne prone skin produ... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Skin Whitening Cream Joy Papaya & Strawberry Skin-Whitening Cream with ... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Hair Oil We offer clients hair oil which is formulated from... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Natural Black Hair Color After research & development, we have developed ou... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Natural Homeopathic Medicines We are a manufacturer and supplier of natural home... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Moringa Tablets Wrapped in attractive wrappers or plastic bottles,... 22/Jun/2010 India View
Hepatogen Tonic for Enlargment of liver, sluggish liver, jau... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Braino Life Syrup A Safe & Effective Mental Tonic, Weakness of Memor... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Aloe Vera Pure & Stabilized Face Gel Aloe Vera Pure & Stabilized Face Gel... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Range of Products Aloe SPRING™ - "Plant of Immortality" Health Drink... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Beta-Carotene Beta-Carotene extracted from Dunaliella salina are... 21/Jun/2010 India View
ORNECK HERBAL MOUTH LIQUID ORNECK MOUTHCARE is result oriented medicine first... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Hale & Hearty Dosage : Syrup Uses : Hunger Booste... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Flavored Honey We manufacture a pure range of nutritious Flavored... 21/Jun/2010 India View
Reeflec Herbal Hair Oil Well maintained Hair enhances the beauty of a pers... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Plusuer Plus Sex Stimulant Cream for Men & Women We offer 100% Herbal Sex Stimulant Cream for both ... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Vergion T Vaginal Tightening Cream We mfg Vaginal Tightening Cream that is sold under... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Blosom Body Shaping Cream The amazing body curves are the ultimate dream of ... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Blosom Breast Firming Cream Blosom Breast Firming cream is a herbal formulatio... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Herbal Powder Products We are offering comprehensive range of high qualit... 19/Jun/2010 India View
HERBAL HAIR CREAM Herbal Hair Cream provides natural care in hair & ... 19/Jun/2010 India View
BpNil TM BpNilTM herbal formulation has ingredients such as... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Henna Hair Colors Black Henna: Black Henna (Kali Mehandi) Henna ha... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Ayurvedic Medicine We are offering diverse range of ayurvedic capsule... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Euphorbia nerifolia Herb (Sudha) Euphorbia nerifolia Herb (Sudha)... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Herbal Extracts - Asparagus Racemosus Extract - Phyllanthus Nirur... 19/Jun/2010 India View
Ayurvedic Cosmetics & Personal Care Features:- - Made up of pure herbal extracts -... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Body Grow We offer herbal supplements which help to increase... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Adhatoda vasica Adhatoda vasica... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Brain Tonic And Memory Capsules * Powerful neurological disorders viz. epilepsy, ... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Brahmi Plus Smrithi A great formula for enhancing concentration, menta... 18/Jun/2010 India View
CFS-QR Tablets C.F.S.- QR Tablets Tablets: Per bottle /100 tabs ... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Shriji Chyawanprash Avleha We provide Shriji Chyawanprash Avleha that is prep... 18/Jun/2010 India View
Amrut Malam A natural remedy to keep your skin healthy, this c... 18/Jun/2010 India View
ACIDEN SYRUP * Beneficial to reduce acidity in stomach * ... 18/Jun/2010 India View
CuraSattva Ashoka Capsules We manufacture a wide range of ayurvedic capsules ... 18/Jun/2010 India View
DIABETES Action : The combined hypoglycemic effect of al... 17/Jun/2010 India View
Ayurvedic Medicine DOMINANT PHARMACEUTICAL (P.) LTD. is specialized i... 17/Jun/2010 India View
Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) Botanical Herbs Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)... 05/Jun/2010 India View
Aloe Vera Juice / Amla Juice Aloe Vera Juice is Used as a Supplementary Food, ... 02/May/2010 India View
Healthcare & Personal Care Products We are into R & D and manufacturing of 100% Herb... 29/Apr/2010 India View
Amla Juice Green Bull Amla Juice is 100% Aurvedic, Cold proce... 09/Apr/2010 India View
Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Juice is 100% Aurvedic, Natural & Pure,C... 09/Apr/2010 India View
Effervescent Fruit Salt • An effective combination of Sodium Bi-carbonate ... 08/Apr/2010 India View
Gripe Water • Helps to ease discomfort associated with babies'... 08/Apr/2010 India View

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