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Product Name : Facial Kit - Aloe Vera Based
Brand Name :
Model Name :
Product Features : Offering Aloe Vera based facial kit :

- In today's modern time all facial & cosmetics product contains chemical compounds that are known Human carcinogens(Cancer causing chemicals, such as lead, arsenic etc.) and yes, I am talking of well known branded commercial products, don't believe it then check it out your self at our website.

- By showing the above, let me be clear that I am not against any company or products but am only informing you as we pay to purchase them and every one has a right to know what they are paying for, and may continue to buy them after having the knowledge.

- Have an option to change to buy the products that are Aloe formulated with Marine Extracts & natural ingredients.
Contains 90% Aloe Vera

Non-surgical face uplift.
Technical Details : ISAC CERTIFIED - Given if products contain 15%+ Aloe Vera.

KOSHER CERTIFIED - Certified only if chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers are not used in farming & products too does not contain any synthetic chemicals, colors, fragrance etc.
Quantity :

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